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Enter a list of SNPs in the box below, then press enter for coexpression analysis. The SNPs should share some common feature, such as putative association with a given phenotype at a permissive p-value threshold (eg. 5e-6), such that it might reasonably be expected that some of the SNPs in the entry set will share an expression profile across the FANTOM5 expression atlas.

Please cite: Baillie JK et al. Shared activity patterns arising at genetic susceptibility loci reveal underlying genomic and cellular architecture of human disease.

Submission format (BED format):

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View results of example analyses:

Height8882 snps searched471 promoters hit166 distinct regions mapped29 significantly-coexpressed regions
Total Cholesterol6421 snps searched519 promoters hit128 distinct regions mapped29 significantly-coexpressed regions
Low-density lipoprotein4644 snps searched321 promoters hit92 distinct regions mapped19 significantly-coexpressed regions
High-density lipoprotein5410 snps searched450 promoters hit101 distinct regions mapped17 significantly-coexpressed regions
Triglycerides4863 snps searched437 promoters hit97 distinct regions mapped23 significantly-coexpressed regions
Ulcerative colitis2162 snps searched234 promoters hit83 distinct regions mapped20 significantly-coexpressed regions
Crohn's disease1924 snps searched217 promoters hit70 distinct regions mapped23 significantly-coexpressed regions
Systolic Blood Pressure417 snps searched25 promoters hit13 distinct regions mapped
Diastolic Blood Pressure711 snps searched26 promoters hit14 distinct regions mapped