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Of 711 SNPs in input data, 20 were found in FANTOM5 TSS regions (300-TSS-100bp). The input set contained 0.42 SNPs per million bases in TSS regions, compared with 0.23 SNPs per million bases genome-wide. 26 TSS regions were hit, in 14 distinct regions. Results are shown below for coexpression within the input set compared with 100 pre-mapping (genome-wide) permutations. Download full results file here.

Please cite: Baillie JK et al. Shared activity patterns arising at genetic susceptibility loci reveal underlying genomic and cellular architecture of human disease.

Link threshold (-log10 p):

0 4

Significantly coexpressed regulatory regions

Other regulatory regions containing a variant

No significantly enriched cell types in this analysis.

Top promoter[SNPs in top promoter]Corrected
p@chr11:16916978..16916996,- [rs11024074]0.580.290.29
enhancer@chr7:107939769-107940082 [rs11561991]0.490.590.3
p@chr3:27490147..27490174,+ [rs13096477]0.430.970.32
p4@SH2B3 [rs739496]0.3610.37
p@chr10:63524522..63524527,- [rs1530440]0.3210.37
p@chr6:26104437..26104461,- [rs198851]0.3110.37
p@chr12:90090838..90090842,- [rs12230074, rs11105378]0.2210.52
p11@MTHFR [rs13306561]0.2110.52
p@chr4:81208116..81208130,+ [rs3733336]0.1410.65
p@chr12:112212004..112212016,+ [rs2238151]0.110.72
p3@NT5C2 [rs11191582]0.0810.72
p8@ATXN2 [rs695871]0.0310.85
p14@CSK [rs2168519, rs8033381]0.0210.85
enhancer@chr11:16357706-16357868 [rs12798854]0.011.0
Full results table

Circular (Circos) plot of co-expression links between different locations on the genome. The coloured track shows an end-to-end concatenated view of the human chromosomes. Links depict an association between two SNP clusters and are coloured according to -log10(p)(line colour indicates -log10(p): red>3, blue>2, green>1.5).

QQ plot

Quantile-quantile plot showing observed and expected co-expression scores. Expected co-expression scores are derived from circular permuted subsets of regulatory regions (post-mapping permutations; black circles) or SNPs chosen by circular permutations against the background of all SNPs genotyped in each study.