The GenOMICC Study

Genetics Of Mortality and susceptibility In Critical Care

Infectious diseases and severe injuries affect millions of people around the world every year. Most cases are mild, but some people develop life-threatening illness. Our genes (or DNA) determine how vulnerable we are to critical illness. By comparing DNA between critically-ill patients and members of the general population, we aim to discover specific genes that might control the processes that lead to life-threatening illness.

GenOMICC is an open-source research study that aims to engage and unite clinicians and scientists to understand the genetic factors that change outcome in critical illness. Achieving this will require cooperation at a grand scale for a prolonged period. By sharing the "source" documents of the study, without restriction, we hope to foster a collegiate spirit that will ultimately enable important progress in critical care medicine worldwide.

At present, GenOMICC is recruiting in the United Kingdom.

If you want to get involved in GenOMICC you can:

  • Get ethical approval in your area and start recruiting patients
  • Obtain funding to recruit patients in your own country


We are very grateful to recieve funding from the Wellcome Trust for the GenOMICC study.

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