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If you like what we do, and you think you could contribute, please get in touch. Jobs and PhD studentships become available from time to time and we'll post them here, but if there are good candidates out there then it helps to know about them. We're always looking for talented people - we can help you write fellowship applications or try to find support from other sources.

Wellcome Trust 4-year One Health PhD Programme: project available

Project title: Genome editing in primary cells, tissues and in vivo in Cas9 transgenic pigs to promote survival in humans with sepsis

Closing date: 16th January 2020

This project will use CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing using cells and tissues available from Cas9 transgenic pigs, and in vivo, to investigate mechanisms of severe sepsis.

This project will make use of existing resources for genome editing in human and porcine iPSC-derived macrophages, primary human macrophages, and cells and tissues from transgenic animals constitutively expressing Cas9. A variety of vector systems will be used to target plausible therapeutic candidate genes in relevant cell types. Initially, we'll focus on macrophages but there is potential to edit any cell type or tissue that can survive in culture.

Gene targets will be identified by systematically integrating data from multiple sources, including the GenOMICC study of genetic determinants of mortality from influenza, sepsis, and other forms of critical illness.

To apply for this or any other PhD projects available on this excellent new programme, visit the One Health PhD website.


We are very grateful to recieve funding from the following sources: Wellcome Trust, BBSRC, Sepsis Research (FEAT), Intensive Care Society, MRC.