Qualifications and Fellowship Awards

University of Edinburgh, 1999: BSc(Hons)(Med Sci) in Physiology
University of Edinburgh, 2002: MB,ChB
Royal College of Physicians, 2005: MRCP(UK)
Royal College of Anaesthetists 2009: FRCA
University of Edinburgh, 2012: PhD “Statistical Genetics in Infectious Disease”
Royal College of Physicians, 2016: FRCP(Ed)
Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, 2016: FFICM
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2022: FRSE
Academy of Medical Sciences, 2022: FMedSci

Selected prizes and awards

2021 Pride of Scotland “Special Recognition Award”. One of two public awards given each year to recognise oustanding public service in any field.
2021 RCPE Ballantyne Prize. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh awards this prize, usually once every 10-15 years, for studies in the inheritance of disease.
2018 International Sepsis Forum Lowry-Fink Fellowship. The International Sepsis Forum selects one “rising star” in sepsis research worldwide each year to appoint to this position.
2014 Wellcome-Beit Prize Fellowship. Awarded to four intermediate fellowship candidates each year “to provide additional recognition for outstanding biomedical researchers.”
2013 Intensive Care Society Gold Medal. Awarded annually for research related to critical care medicine.
2013 ANZICS Global Rising Star Award. An annual award from the Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society.
2006 Nuffield Medal for the FRCA Primary. For obtaining the highest marks in the UK in this sitting.
2001 Sir William Darling Memorial Prize. Awarded by the Principal to the students “who have done most in any one year to advance the reputation of Edinburgh University”.

Current Employment

2022-present Co-Director, Pandemic Science Hub, University of Edinburgh
2021-present Professor of Experimental Medicine, University of Edinburgh
2021-present Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow, University of Edinburgh
2020-present Director of Research, UK Intensive Care Society
2019-present Visiting Professor, Peking University, Beijing, China
2014-present Honorary Consultant in Critical Care Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Previous Employment

2014-21 Group Leader, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
2014-20 Deputy Director of Research, UK Intensive Care Society
2014-20 Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow, University of Edinburgh
2014-15 Visiting Scientist, Broad Insitute of Harvard and MIT, Cambridge, MA
Nov 2014 Consultant to World Health Organisation on Ebola, WHO country HQ, Sierra Leone.
2013-14 Honorary Advanced Specialist Trainee, Critical Care, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.
May 2013 Consultant to World Health Organisation on MERS/Influenza, WHO HQ, Geneva.
2008-14 Clinical Lecturer, University of Edinburgh & Honorary Specialist Trainee in Anaesthesia & Critical Care, South East Scotland School of Anaesthesia.
2007-08 Specialist Trainee, Anaesthesia & Critical Care, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.
2005-07 Senior House Officer, Anaesthesia & Critical Care, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
2003-05 Senior House Officer, General Medicine, Western Infirmary, Glasgow.
2002-03 House Officer, Anaesthesia, Medicine & Surgery, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

Research Grants

Funding Body & Title Start Amount Role
CSO: Time critical precision medicine for acute critical illness (TRAITS) 01/04/2022 (4 yrs) £2,795,158 Co-applicant
Wellcome Senior Research Fellowship 01/11/21 (5 yrs) £1,659,251 Applicant
UKRI: National Core Studies - Outbreak Data Analysis Platform 1/08/21 (1 yr) £958,915 PI
UKRI: UK Coronavirus Immunology consortium (UK-CIC) 25/08/20 (1 yr) £6,541,000 WP lead
UKRI: Post-hospitalisation for COVID-19 follow-up study (PHOSP-COVID) 21/07/20 (1 yr) £9,700,000 WP lead
DHSC: GenOMICC-Genomics England Partnership for whole genome sequencing 01/06/20 (1.5yrs) £28,000,000 PI
UKRI: ISARIC Coronavirus Clinical Characterisation Consortium (ISARIC4C) 18/03/20 (1.5yrs) £5,958,870 PI
CSO: Coronavirus Clinical Characterisation (Scotland) 01/04/20 (1 yrs) £296,773.90 Co-applicant
DHSC/NIHR: Coronavirus Clinical Information Network (CO-CIN) Study 03/03/20 (2 yrs) £8,900,000 Co-applicant
Technology Strategy Board: Establishing a Pipeline for African Swine Fever Virus Genetic Targets 01/10/19 (1.5yrs) £105,767 Co-applicant
Tropical Animal Genetics (UK) Ltd: Cell library for candidate genes involved in Newcastle Disease Virus infection in vitro 01/09/19 (3 yrs) £100,000 Co-applicant
BBSRC: Host factors controlling foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) replication: towards genetic control of FMD in pigs 01/08/19 (3 yrs) £901,522 Co-applicant
Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust (FEAT): Genetics of Mortality in Critical Care (GenOMICC) Study 01/04/19 (3 yrs) £120,000 PI
BBSRC 18ALERT Equipment Initiative: Large memory HPC infrastructure to underpin world-class biological research 01/04/19 (3 yrs) £600,000 Co-applicant
Health Technology Accelerator Fund: Guiding Therapy in Septic Shock 08/01/19 (3 yrs) £53,000 PI
Wellcome Trust: Clinical PhD Fellowship for Dr Clark Russell 01/08/18 (3 yrs) £650,000 Co-supervisor
BBSRC: Identification of interferon stimulated genes that restrict cross-species transmission of influenza A virus. 01/03/19 (3yrs) £756,000 Co-applicant
Wellcome Trust: (Institution Strategic Support Fund) Generation of a constitutive Cas9 pig for gene-level pharmaceutical target validation. 01/06/18 (1 yr) £50,000 PI
Wellcome Trust: Clinical PhD Fellowship for Dr Nick Parkinson 01/08/17 (3 yrs) £650,000 PI
MRC: The SHIELD Consortium for Host Defence Therapeutics 01/11/16 (5yrs) £4,500,000 WP lead
Wellcome Trust: Establishing causal relationships from phenotypic, genotypic, and proteomic data. 01/08/16 (3 yrs) £650,000 Co-supervisor
BBSRC: Tools and resources: Generation of genome wide CRISPR libraries for pig and chicken 01/10/16 (1yr) £88,000 Co-applicant
Wellcome Trust: A clinical trial of convalescent plasma for treatment of Ebolavirus disease 01/03/15 (1yr) £120,000 Co-applicant
US Center for Disease Control: HostFlu observational study of influenza in Malawi 01/08/14 (5yrs) £160,000 Co-PI (host genomics)
Wellcome Trust: (Intermediate Clinical Fellowship) Identification and characterisation of host factors underlying susceptibility to influenza 01/08/14 (4yrs) £1,011,082 Applicant
Wellcome Trust: (Institution Strategic Support Fund) The International Severe Influenza Genetics (ISIG) Programme 01/02/12 (1yr) £47,531 PI
Wellcome Trust: (Programme Grant) Mechanisms of Severe Acute Influenza Consortium (MOSAIC). 01/09/09 (5yrs) £3,645,239 WP lead (host genomics)
UK Embassy to United States of America UK/US Collaboration Development Award 01/08/10 (1mth) £1500 Applicant
Chief Scientist Office: (Project Grant) GenISIS: Genetics of Influenza Susceptibility in Scotland 01/11/09 (2yrs) £89,742 PI
Wellcome Trust: (Clinical Fellowship) Comparative genomics of the inflammatory response 01/08/09 (3yrs) £267,208 Applicant
British Heart Foundation: (Project Grant) Oxidative Stress, erythrocyte anion channel damage, and antioxidant function in healthy lowlanders at high altitude. 01/04/01 (1yr) £10,525 PI
The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland: Apex Bolivia 2001 01/03/01 (1yr) £2000 PI

Selected Publications (*joint authorship) (corresponding)

(h-index: 67 | citations: 37415 | ORCID:0000-0001-5258-793X )

RECOVERY Collaborative Group . Tocilizumab in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised, controlled, open-label, platform trial. Lancet (London, England) (2021); 397: 1637-1645. PMC8084355

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Selected Invited Lectures

“RECOVERY: Dexamethasone is an effective treatment for Covid-19” Opening plenary, European Society for Intensive Care Medicine Annual Meeting, November 2020

“Optimisation and meta-analysis of genome-scale signals” CRISPR and beyond: perturbations at scale to understand genomes, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK, September 2020

“Genetic effects on outcomes in sepsis: What mechanisms are amenable to treatment” World Congress of Intensive Care, Melbourne, October 2019

“EBOLA / MERS / influenza pandemics” World Congress of Intensive Care, Melbourne, October 2019

“Distinguishing adaptive from maladaptive processes in sepsis.” Sepsis 2019, Rio de Janiero, May 2019

“Extremes of human physiology - sorting out adaptive and maladaptive processes” Futuristic Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Feb 2019

“Transcriptomic biomarkers of critical illness” British Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting, London, December 2018

“Genomic stratification in critical illness” Intensive Care Society State of the Art Meeting, London, December 2018

“Genome editing studies of severe influenza” British Thoracic Society Annual Meeting, London, December 2018

“Gene-level target validation in large animals” One Health Symposium, University of Edinburgh, October 2018

“Understanding disease pathogenesis through functional genomics” RIKEN institute seminar, Yokohama, October 2018

“Biological endotypes in sepsis” Sepsis 2018, Bangkok, October 2018

“Sepsis: a syndrome simultaneously too broad and too narrow” Sepsis update meeting, Glasgow, September 2018

“Preparedness and management of global pandemics.” European Society of Intensive Care Medicine NEXT Webinar, September 2018

“Viral host genomic interactions.” Cambridge Centre for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Research Seminar, Cambridge, September 2018

“Applications of functional genomics and genome editing in post-GWAS analyses” BRIC institute seminar, Copenhagen, May 2018

“Precision medicine through genome-scale technologies” China-UK Life Sciences Summit, Beijing, September 2017

“Data-driven identification of syndromes at high altitude” 10th Kno2wledge meeting, London, May 2017

Public lecture: “Starved of Oxygen” Pint of Science, Edinburgh, May 2017

“Sepsis - what underlies individual susceptibility?” Singapore-ANZICS Research Meeting, Singapore, March 2015

“International collaboration in research during outbreaks” Singapore-ANZICS Research Meeting, Singapore, March 2015

“Host genetic susceptibility to influenza - moving towards therapeutic targets” Broad Institute Seminar Series on Infectious Diseases, Cambridge (MA), January 2015

“Why do some people get sepsis while others don’t?” Intensive Care Society State of the Art Meeting, London, December 2014.

“Host genetics of influenza susceptibility” Keystone Symposium on Pathogenesis of Respiratory Viruses, Keystone, Colorado, January 2014.

“Redefining Acute Mountain Sickness” Session chair and speaker, World Congress on Mountain Medicine, Bolzano 2014.

“Virus:host interactions: time to focus on the host?” ANZICS Global Rising Star Fellowship Session, Hobart, Tasmania, October 2013

“Genomics in Anaesthesia and Critical Care” Royal College of Anaesthetists Jubilee Meeting, “Rising star” Session. October 2013

“Large scale biological research in critical care” World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care Societies 11th Congress, Durban, South Africa, August 2013

“Using coexpression to maximise statistical power in genome-wide studies” Computational Genomics Analysis and Training Programme, Oxford, Feb 2012

“Challenges in Severe Acute Respiratory Illness” European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Barcelona, Jan 2012

Co-chair, Biological Studies group. InFACT/Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute/ISARIC colloquium on SARI research, Toronto, June 2011.

“Host genetic studies” NIH Flu002/Flu003 Analysis planning meeting, Boston, Oct 2011.