Meta-analysis by Information Content (MAIC)

MAIC encodes a simple heuristic to meta-analyse ranked and unranked lists of related named entities. You, the user, decide what is meant by "related": give MAIC a set of input lists, for example experimental results naming genes implicated in a given biological process, and MAIC will iteratively weigh them against each other to learn which lists perform best. The best-performing lists are those that find entities (genes, in our example) that are also found on the other input lists. For a full description of MAIC, see our paper: Li B et al. Nature Communications 11:164(2020)

The MAIC online submission form has been fixed and we're just finishing alpha testing. It will be active here again on 28th January (posted on 20th January 2020)

Host factors required for influenza virus replication

In this example analysis, we have aggregated experimental results from a variety of sources relating to host genes involved in influenza virus replication. Data from published sources, together with *unpublished data from Bo Li, JK Baillie and Nir Hacohen.*

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Code to run the MAIC algorithm can be downloaded from